Online Workshop – 22 August 2020 – “Worth 1,000 Words: How to Communicate Visually (Even if You Think You Can’t Draw!)” with Sherri Williams

22 Aug
  • 10:00
  • Online (via Zoom)

It’s obvious that we live in a visual culture – just walk down the street, step onto a train or open a social media website, and you’re bombarded by visual information. But how much are you using visual communication to facilitate learning in your language classroom? And are you teaching your students to communicate visually to better prepare them for working in an international context? Join visual communication expert Sherri Williams of Global Confidence for an interactive workshop where we will learn how to (quite literally) “draw out” language from your students and give them the tools for communicating visually. We’ll explore and practice techniques such as graphic recording, sketchnoting, visual brainstorming, flipchart drawing, sketch journaling, and Sherri’s newest development, Visual Springboarding™. If time allows, we’ll even have a mini crash-course on sketching basics for those who think they can’t draw!

At the end of this workshop you’ll come away with a better understanding of the benefits of communicating visually, as well as lots of practical ideas, activities and resources you can use right away in your teaching. 

This workshop will take place online via Zoom, but we will be using both digital and non-digital visual tools, so please have some paper and pens or markers ready in front of you when you join the workshop. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bio: Sherri Williams has been leading Business English training in Berlin, Germany for over 7 years through her company Global Confidence, with an emphasis on practical, task-based teaching for upper intermediate and advanced English speakers. She also served as ELTABB Chair for 3 years and regularly presents at BESIG, IATEFL Poland BESIG, and other conferences and teaching associations. Her most recent project, Visual Springboarding™, draws on her art & design background in a new training tool that provides a highly effective, creative and enjoyable foundation for improving speaking skills across a variety of industries and disciplines. Find out more at or email Sherri at

When: 22 August 2020 from 10am to 12:30pm

Where: Online (via Zoom) – the link will be available on the Ning
Registration: Please register on the Ning