18 July 2020 – Online Staff Room with Phoebe Blackburn – Teaching Green?

This July, we’d like to invite you back to the ‘ELTABB Staff Room,’ an interactive workshop in which Eltabb members bring their own teaching ideas/issues/questions to the table and explore them with others. This time it will be online, due to Corona restrictions, using Zoom and a digital whiteboard, Mural. (For those unfamiliar with these tools, you’ll be welcome to join 15 minutes earlier). 

It’s no secret that many freelancers don’t have much contact with other teachers; the Staff Room is space to meet with our peers, exchange important information and simply have the time to talk about what’s on our mind.

In this online Staff Room, Phoebe Blackburn will lead us in a discussion on teaching green – can we make our teaching more environmentally friendly? This also in the light of the current corona context, which is, as we are experiencing, often drastically changing the way we are teaching. 

Climate change is on many people’s minds these days, on young people’s minds in particular, many of whom we are teaching. What, if anything, could or should teachers of English do about it? 

Some of us probably already try to use less paper, turn lights, photocopiers and computers off in class and workrooms when not in use, perhaps fly less for meetings and conferences, and, in terms of content, use texts, articles or discussion points that may refer to the topic. This Staff Room aims to create more awareness and discussion around what ELTABB teachers feel about the issue, what, if anything, they are doing on the topic, whether there is more teachers can or might want to do, what students are expecting or needing, and will conclude with some ideas or actions that can be taken forward for those interested. Do come along and bring your thoughts, ideas, initiatives already tried and tested and experiences on the topic. 

We hope to see you there! For those who can’t make it, please post your ideas and questions below in the comment section and we’ll be sure to include them in the discussion too.

Please check the Ning before July 18th for the Zoom and Mural log-in information. 

Note: attendance to this Staff Room will be limited to 15 to ensure interactivity.

When: 18 July 2020 from 10 am to 12:30 pm
Where: Online (Zoom) – details to be posted on the Ning closer to the date
Registration: Open to ELTABB members only (limit of 15) – please register on the Ning