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ELTABB has helped me develop as a business English trainer both in terms of knowledge and professionalism. It’s also made me realise that the ESL industry is a diverse one. ELTABB has a strong community ethos. Getting involved – even in a small way – gets you noticed. It certainly opened up opportunities for me.
Being a solopreneur can get lonely, but in ELTABB I found other teachers who are passionate about their professional development, and who understand how important it is to be a part of a network of people who support each other. ELTABB is where freelancers find colleagues and connections.
What I appreciate the most about being an ELTABB member is the sense of community - a professional tribe. We share our teaching hacks and approaches, we offer and receive the support for the most puzzling of situations, from the methodology of teaching and the most appropriate solutions, to job openings and ‘red-tape’ tips about Berlin bureaucracy for freelancers. We get together as a social group, just to check how another week or month went. It is much more than just a professional development group to me - it's the people who I enjoy spending time with!
Yuliya Shtaltovna
Vice Chair & Communications Coordinator
Like so many TEFL teachers, I am an immigrant who was (and still is a little!) new to the hows, whys, whos, wheres and whats of this city. Through Eltabb I found an interesting and welcoming network of people who support each other and provide countless opportunities for work and professional development.

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    Is there a conference you’ve always wanted to attend, but it’s never been financially feasible for you? Are you interested in one of our all-day workshops, but aren’t sure if you can cover the fee? Apply for an ELTABB scholarship today!

    We have started to offer ELTABB scholarships for supportive funds to conferences and paid workshops.

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    How it works:

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    – Each quarter, all applications received by the deadline will be processed by the scholarship committee. The applicants awarded scholarships will be informed three weeks after the deadline at the latest.

    – Plan ahead with adequate time for your conference’s deadlines as scholarships are awarded for upcoming events, not in retrospect.

    Scholarship Guidelines for Applicants:

    In order to apply you must:

    – Be an ELTABB member for at least 12 consecutive months by the time of your application

    – Be neither a member of the selection committee nor on the current ELTABB board

    – Be willing to write a 1,500-word article on your experience for the ELTABB Journal within 3 months of completing the course / attending the conference, etc. Writing a workshop review is also possible.

    – You may only be awarded one scholarship per year. You may reapply if not awarded.

    – The scholarship is for support funds (admission/travel) for an English teaching related conference or workshop.

    – There are quarterly deadlines for applying. Please apply with enough time to properly plan for your upcoming  conference or workshop.

    Deadlines for 2021



    All scholarship funds must be claimed by December 15, 2021. Any receipts or submission after that date will be invalid.