Amanda Welfare

17th February 2016

Born in Bath, UK, I started teaching in order to travel. The intercultural diversity of the places I explored led me to pursue a career in teaching EFL. After doing a BA in English, the CELTA, FTBE and several intercultural competence courses, and getting some experience in educational management as Director of Studies of a small language school, I am now a freelance Business English trainer and an EFL author based in Berlin. I am currently completing an MA in… Read more

David Meier

11th June 2016

I am currently part -time faculty at the University of Potsdam designing and delivering UNIcert III and IV level English courses primarily for the bachelor and Masters level students of the Business Administration and Economics degree program. The majority of my teaching experience is at the university level, and I also have private business clients. When not developing teaching material, I am an opera singer (dramatic tenor — My work prior to teaching was in corporate public relations and… Read more

Susan Catherine

27th May 2016

My training includes a BA from an American college and the TEFLA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults) from England. I enjoy experiencing the diverse range of approaches, materials and standards used in language teaching in Germany; and in fact am used to employing two radically teaching different methods in the same day – dependend on the requirements of the school. Ongoing improvement of my foreign language skills – currently German, Turkish and French – helps… Read more

Terence Oldani

17th February 2016

“Communication is Everything!“ – Terence Oldani, MSc Eng, Global English Empowerment Coach and Docent. Corporate and Private In-House Coaching, Business English, Technical English, Real Estate English, All Professions, Ages and Language Skills Levels A0-C2, One-to-One and Mini-Group Conversation Sessions, Music, Moderation and Event Management, Academic and Legal English Services, Negotiation, Contract and Conference Services, TOEIC Adminstrator, Copy Editor, Interpreter, Website Translator, Licensed Exam Coach and Administrator, Preparation, Testing and Certification, TOEIC, UNIcert, telc, GMAT, MSA, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, CEFR (A1-C2)… Read more

Francesco Bordo

18th February 2017

After graduating with a BA and MA in Translation and Interpreting for Specific Language Use I have perused my combined passion for the English language and teaching by completing a Licentiate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) awarded by Trinity College London, in 2010. Since then, I have been employed as an English teacher at several schools in the UK, Italy and Germany. Professionally, I continue to develop what has proven to be a successful style… Read more

Katerina Lanickova

17th February 2016

I first started teaching English in the Czech Republic in 2008, in the beautiful town called Brno. In 2010 I moved to Berlin and am currently working as a freelance teacher and a business trainer here. I specialize in adult education, both one:one training and group courses and I enjoy the challenge of getting people to speak. Being a non-native speaker has helped me empathize with various difficulties that arise from learning English and I am always on the look… Read more

Evan Frendo

I’m a freelance trainer, teacher trainer and author, and have been involved in Business English training and consulting since 1993. I work mostly in Europe and Asia. You can find out more about what I do at… Read more

Susan Catherine

26th February 2017

My training includes a BA from an American college and the TEFLA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults) from England. I enjoy experiencing the diverse range of approaches, materials and standards used in language teaching in Germany; and in fact, am used to employing two radically different teaching methods on the same day – dependent on the requirements of the school. Ongoing improvement of my own foreign language skills – currently German, Turkish and French –… Read more

Robert Nisbet

17th February 2016

I have recently begun teaching English in Berlin after many years working as an architect in London. My teaching covers many different types of English, hence my website is called ‘English for Everything’. I design bespoke courses and choose topics and areas of study which are relevant and interesting to my students. From my formal education and my own studies I have a broad overview of the cultural context in which English is used and I am familiar with a… Read more

Wolfgang Neuendorf

I am a German teacher of English (2. Staatsexamen) and have been teaching at the Volkshochschule for 30 years now. I have run teacher training workshops and also organized and conducted English language study tours. In recent years I have also taught in-company courses. I joined ELTABB in 1995 and used to be on the ELTABB board for four years, three years as ELTABB Chair. You can contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ .… Read more

Allegra Lipanje

Allegra Franziska Lipanje originates from a small town in Italy called Trieste, and has spent the last 10 years living in London and Brussels. She holds a B.A. in History of Art from Goldsmiths University, London and is currently working on compiling a multi-cultural fantasy children’s book on the subject of ethnic minorities. She currently resides in Berlin, Germany and received her CELTA certification from the Berlin School of English in 2015.… Read more

Brian Marks

I come from Ireland and have over 35 years experience as a senior finance and treasury executive working for public and private international companies. During this period I have worked with many different nationalities and cultures; have developed and nurtured teams and have trained many colleagues. Since then I have been focusing on providing language and management consulting services in Berlin Brandenburg. With my wife Beate, we have established Whether you wish to raise your level of English, prepare… Read more

Marc Abernathy

20th December 2016

Website: Researcher, research assistant, historian, writer, author, editor, teacher, and manager. Over the past 20 years, I have worked in one or a combination of these roles. First as a historian, studying, researching, and writing about the American Civil Rights Movement with Professor Leon Litwack at UC Berkeley; next, as a research assistant for a book project with author and political talk-show host Chris Matthews; after that, as an editor, manager, and regulatory specialist for a medical ethics review… Read more

Christopher Chandler

17th February 2016

Ich bin ein Business-Englisch-Trainer in Berlin-Schöneberg, der die englischen Sprachkenntnisse in Ihrem Betrieb gezielt weiterentwickeln kann. Ich arbeite bereits mit Betrieben in Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, Steglitz und Mitte und biete ‘in-house’ Training. Ich habe langjährige Berufserfahrung im öffentlichen Sektor und der freien Wirtschaft in Großbritannien. Ich weiss genau, wie man in der englischsprachigen Unternehmenskultur effektiv kommuniziert. Dies würde ich Ihnen gerne vermitteln. Sie können mehr über mich an lernen. Habe ich Ihr Interesse geweckt? Kontaktieren Sie mich an email hidden;… Read more

Khushi Pasquale

After over 15 years of offering intensive Business English training in high-performance companies, I’m now focusing on public speaking and storytelling. Catch me at Center Berlin Toastmasters! You can contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ or learn more about Center Berlin Toastmasters.… Read more

Ruth Woo

30th November 2016

I recently got my CELTA certificate and I’m planning to teach in Germany for the next few years. I’m a native English-speaker from the United States and I also speak German and Spanish. As I have experience working in the medical field, I would be able to specialize in English courses for healthcare professionals and for students studying medicine.… Read more

Lisa Nolan

8th October 2016

I began teaching English in 2013 in the Sydney migrant programs and EAP for international students. Then moved to Berlin in 2014, and established regular freelance teaching. I bring to English teaching a wealth of experience from a career as a cultural manager and voice teacher. My skills are particularly suited to academic and business English teaching. At GLS I had a wide range of corporate contracts for learners at all levels as well as intensive IELTS preparation courses. In… Read more

Halyna Khinchuk

13th January 2017

I started teaching English as a freelance teacher back in Ukraine. I worked with students of different age and level. I also have experience in interpreting (English-Russian). My family and I moved to Berlin two years ago. I took my time learning German and settling, finally I decided to restart my English teaching career by applying to a CELTA course. Having successfully completed it, I’m currently looking for a job.… Read more

Phoebe Blackburn

29th March 2017

English Language trainer with several years’ experience teaching in corporates (groups & 1-1), non-profits and adult evening classes (large groups) at the City of Paris. I’m now based in central Berlin and am looking for some freelance work. Specialities: energy, waste, sustainability, HR and general business, the Arts. I work part of my time as an editorial consultant (French and English), and am finishing a book (my own) on the issue of waste. I also work as a facilitator in… Read more

Leo Waters

17th February 2016

I am a freelance English Language Teacher and Examiner based in Berlin, Germany. I have considerable experience of teaching exam-based courses such as the IELTS and Cambridge exams. I also specialize in teaching Business English in various companies in Berlin, and in English for Academic purposes at the Humboldt University. For further information please view When not working, I like to play squash, and the more cerebral game of backgammon.… Read more

Matt Hanley

I am 36, and was born and raised in Liverpool. I have a Bachelors degree in Political Science and Communication from London Metropolitan University. Since I graduated in 2004 I have worked in various political and campaigning organisations, from from the Green Party to an international LGBT campaign, to the UK’s biggest antifascist organisation, planning workshops and running training programmes, and working with all ages from secondary school upwards. Under a cloud of Weltschmerz and Torschlusspanik I moved to Berlin… Read more

Georgine Kalil

8th October 2016

I am American and have been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1997. I have a Bachelors of Arts in mathematics and a Masters of Arts in Teaching (middle school mathematics). Since March 2016, I have been working on a project in English and mathematics at the TU-Berlin.… Read more

Justin Ehresman

17th February 2016

I have been teaching English full-time since 1997: first in Japan for two years and now in Berlin since 1999. I hold not only the CELTA and FTBE in addition to my BA in English and am currently completing my Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. I founded the language school called All on Board in 2001 which has been growing ever since and currently employs about 40 language instructors (see for more information). I also… Read more

Damien Marwood

18th February 2017

DELTA qualified freelance Teacher, Academic Manager and corporate English trainer with experience in S.E Asia heading a new I.H language school, consisting of installing and adapting systems, syllabi and testing procedures for new markets. I enjoy the process of syllabus writing as I feel most creative when doing so. I feel most productive helping learners improve presentation performance and most comfortable teaching with minimal materials. In the classroom I would describe myself as hopefully a good listener, as I am… Read more

Sherri Williams

22nd May 2016

Sherri Williams is a Freelance Business English Trainer. She grew up just north of Boston in Massachusetts, USA. After studying Spanish and art in university, she moved to Montreal, Canada where she learned French and worked in administration, graphic design and youth work before completing her CELTA training and beginning to work as an English teacher. After 10 years in Montreal it was time for a new adventure, so in February 2013 she moved to Berlin, Germany to learn a… Read more

Dale Coulter

11th June 2016

Dale Coulter is a Teacher, Trainer, Education Manager and Author of print and digital business English materials. His experience is with intensive and extensive courses and workshops for professionals learning English.… Read more

Philip Lyddy

10th November 2016

From the city of Melbourne, Australia. I completed a Bachelor in Marketing and International Business, as well as a Bachelor of Music in 2015. I decided since to pursue teaching in addition to musical interests and completed the CELTA at the British Council in Krakow, Poland in April 2016. I have since worked privately as a tutor and also taught English to children at kids camps around Germany.… Read more

Melissa Greer

28th October 2016

Melissa Geere is a CELTA-qualified English teacher from the UK. She has worked for the last three years at universities in Colombia and Japan, as well as teaching English and Spanish on a cruise ship whose aim is to build a culture of peace around the world. Her research interests are centred around the areas of Sociolinguistics and ESL, particularly identity, code-switching, intraspeaker variation and fluency.… Read more

Nick Munby

17th February 2016

I’m based in Berlin and work as a freelance business English and communications trainer throughout Germany as well as in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Hungary. I teach seminars on communication skills (presentations, negotiations etc.), using a lot of role play and simulation techniques; I worked earlier as a theatre director, actor and script writer. I moved to Germany in 1994 and have been teaching in a range of sectors and companies (Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Airbus, Bayer) for… Read more