Workshop – December 2019 – Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic – “Moving from Role-Play to Real-Play: personalising activities for our Business English learners”

This workshop focuses on reflecting the demands of our learners’ professional lives as accurately as possible. We will examine how to gather relevant information; define the appropriate media; create activities and structure the practice sessions; give, gather and learn from feedback. This workshop requires active participation and will provide a range of activities adaptable to individual requirements.

Bio: Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic is a Coach & Communications Specialist with 25+ years of experience within the global corporate world, working with leaders, teams and individuals to overcome miscommunication, misinterpretation and misrepresentation across a broad spectrum of topics. Tanja’s methodologies of choice are Conversational Intelligence® from Judith E. Glaser, Prof Dr Andy Molinksky’s Reach Method on overcoming limiting comfort zones and Agile approaches at enterprise level. For more information, go to:

Please note – this workshop is limited to 20 participants.

When: 7 December 2019 from 10am to 1:30pm
 All on Board Language School, Seestraße 27, 13353 Berlin
Cost: Free for members; €10 for non-members.
Registration: Members can register on the Ning / non-members can email