Staff Room – 17 August 2019 – How to make it real? Real-world cases for Business and Professional English

This August, we’d like to invite you back to the ‘ELTABB Staff Room’ with Yuliya Shtaltovna. This type of workshop is lead by teachers who have ideas worth discussing and developing with other teachers.

You’ve got a new Biz-Eng group in the autumn? Do the learners come from HR or the marketing department? An international bank or an ambitious machine learning start-up? Which texts should you use for reading skills? What if the learners find them boring? How to find specified podcasts to train listening skills? What kind of scenarios to suggest for speaking? Which register to cover in writing and should it be reports, chats or strategy plans? How to make it real and working for their learning objectives at the same time?

In this Staff Room, we’ll discuss strategies on how to deal with the anxiety before the classes start, how to save time when preparing lessons and how to choose efficient and meaningful tasks. Sharing is caring, isn’t it? So bring your own questions, answers, ideas and experiences to talk about with other teaching professionals.

Yuliya Shtaltovna has an MA in Teaching ESP and Adult Education, PhD in Linguistucs, and 13 years’ experience of teaching Business English Communication in the corporate sector and universities.

Date and Time: August 17, 2019 from 10am to 1pm
Location: Die Neue Schule, Sigmaringer Straße 35 10713 Berlin
Cost: Free for members / 10 Euros for non-members
Registration: Members can register on the Ning / non-members can register by emailing