Red Tape workshop

Saturday, 25th March, 10:00 – 14:30
Expath, Jansastrasse 9, 12045 Berlin-Neukölln

The Business Dictionary defines “Red Tape” as: “Colloquial term for bureaucratic practice of hair splitting or foot-dragging, blamed by its practitioners on the system that forces them to follow prescribed procedures to the letter.” Isn’t this something we all go through here in Berlin? Tia Robinson (Expath) will be giving a talk/workshop on dealing with the Red Tape issues Berlin presents us. The talk is aimed at teachers with all kinds of experience but would be particularly interesting and useful for those of you who have either just started teaching or have just moved to Berlin.

This will be a very interactive workshop so please write your questions or requests concerning anything to do with red tape blow and I will pass them on to Tia, the workshop facilitator.

As usual, there will be an abundance of tea and coffee and snacks provided. There will be a half hour break to go grab lunch or eat your packed sandwiches! Please feel free to bring your own lunch.