Red Tape Webinar with Tia Robinson 14th September 10am-1pm


Taxes, book-keeping, health insurance, pension, data protection – why is there so much bureaucracy to manage? And why is it all in German? Fear not! This workshop is for YOU, the freelance language teacher. Whether you are just getting started or still have lingering questions after managing the basics, we’ll cover everything you need to know to (mostly) stay out of trouble in Germany. We’ll even cover questions on work permits, permanent residency and German citizenship at the end. Note: this workshop is long because there is just so much fun bureaucracy to cover! So bring a snack and all your questions with you!


TIMINGS (roughly!):

10am-12pm Tia’s presentation

12pm- 12.30pm Q and A

12.30pm-1.00pm Residency and Citizenship section

We have kept the Residency and Citizenship separate at the end on purpose so it’s not a problem to leave the call after the Q and A if residency is not relevant to you.

Please note we are hoping to record this talk (practicalities allowing as I believe this is a first for ELTABB!) and have it available to watch on the website.



Tia Hardy Robinson has made it her mission to help expats in Germany settle in and find their place. Since 2012, her company Expath has helped over 10,000 people move to Germany, taught German to over 15,000 students, and trained over 800 language teachers. Tia consults HR teams, founders and solo entrepreneurs on best practices in global mobility, learning & development and managing German bureaucracy. Outside work, she is mom to a wild and wonderful daughter, and coordinates the mentoring program at Girls Gearing Up, a leadership academy for the next generation of female leaders.


ELTABB Members: You can find the link to the call on the Ning.

Member of other ELTAs: Free. Please email stating which ELTA you are from and I will send you the link

Non-Members: 5€.  Please email to register