Pronunciation Workshop: Saturday 13th April 10.30am-12.30pm at GLS Sprachzentrum

‘Let’s Talk about Pronunciation’   In-person workshop by ELTABB member and pronunciation enthusiast Mike Budden

Alongside the vocabulary and grammar choices that our students make, pronunciation is a significant factor in how effectively our students are able to communicate. If speakers have a strong accent, it may lead to missed opportunities in work or everyday life or impact communication, affecting student confidence (Ashton, Shepherd, 2020*).

But how much focus should there be on pronunciation in our lessons? Shouldn’t we tell our students to embrace their accent? How do we determine what our students really need and then motivate them to correct their pronunciation?

In this staffroom workshop, we’ll discuss a range of pronunciation related topics such as:

– Pronunciation for listening vs pronunciation for speaking
– What happens in natural speech
– Raising awareness of the mouth/throat/tongue.
– Typical issues for German speakers (beyond “TH”)
– Awareness raising activities and teaching techniques

The workshop will take place in Room 204 GLS Sprachzentrum, Kastanienallee 82, 10435, Berlin


About Mike:
Mike has been teaching English since 2011 and German since 2020 with experience in both Germany and Australia. Last year while teaching intensive classes in Melbourne with students from all over the world, Mike’s passion for pronunciation teaching developed into a core feature of his lessons, which involves embedded pronunciation modelling and drilling throughout his lessons, and highlighting pronunciation features in English teaching materials.


Free for ELTABB members- please RSVP on the Ning here : Staffroom Workshop- Let’s talk about pronunciation – English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg (

€10 for non-members- please email

*Ashton, H., Shepherd, S. (2020). Work on your accent: Clearer pronunciation for better communication. Collins