Online Workshop – 3 October 2020 – “How to: Writing for business English” (with Simon Porter)

Join us for an online workshop on teaching writing for business English with Simon Porter.

Workshop description: I used to hate teaching writing when I worked in language schools, and did everything I could to minimise or avoid doing so. It was only when I started to work in-house at a law firm (with demanding lawyers) did I realise firstly, how important writing is; and secondly, how to start teaching writing skills effectively. So, if you’re worried about teaching writing, or you would like to know just why it is so important, then please join me online.

*One thing you have to know* You don’t have to be an expert in writing to teach how to write effectively.

In my workshop, I’ll cover a lot of ground:

  • how to convince young professionals they need to learn to write,
  • how to convince business leaders the main English problem is with writing,
  • how to show teachers how easy it is to teach effective business English writing,
  • how to create business English writing tasks easily & with no stress, and
  • how you can easily teach writing online.

In talking about all of those topics, I’ll be sharing:

  • my journey from when I started teaching writing skills in 2014,
  • the unique insights I have gained having had the chance to work with native and non-native lawyers – teaching them to improve their writing skills, and
  • the difficulty my students have had in accepting that writing is a problem that language schools or language coursebooks simply don’t deal with.

Hopefully, there’ll be something for everyone!

Simon’s Bio: I graduated with a Law degree in 2001, and gained my CELTA in 2006. I have taught English in Poland since then, starting in Krakow before moving to Warsaw. I opened my own language school in 2008 teaching exam English, but I started to focus on teaching legal English and proofreading from 2010. Although proofreading is my main activity now, in terms of teaching, I started to focus on teaching business and legal English writing in 2014. I have taught legal English writing in Bar Associations in Poland and many international and national law firms.

Apart from teaching and proofreading, I am quite entrepreneurial and have had several websites based on teaching English. My main website is performing quite well and I have a reasonable following on related social media: Facebook (2,400 followers) and YouTube (4,000 subscribers). I’m married, live just outside Warsaw, and have two children that, from time to time, I am quite tempted to list on ebay.

When: Saturday 3 October 2020 from 10am to 12:30pm
Where: Online
Registration – ELTABB members: Please register on the Ning
Registration – other ELTA members: Please register by emailing and mention which ELTA you are a member of