Online workshop – 17 September 2021 – “Making Peer Assessment Work: Rubrics and Feedback Methods to Encourage Reflection” with Khanh-Duc Kuttig

Do you know the three Ps of feedback: personal, peer and professional feedback? While students at every level of learning value professional feedback, i.e. from the instructor, self-assessment and peer feedback is not taken as seriously.

Yet, one of the aims of language proficiency, especially at advanced levels is the ability to evaluate one’s own work and that of peers. Learners need to be able to write an email, for instance, and review it before sending it on. Or they could be supervising colleagues and may need to give feedback on a business presentation. While they are not language teachers themselves, advanced learners need to be able to recognise both appropriate and inappropriate use of language in order to become more independent and proficient users of English.

This interactive workshop is divided into three parts. In the first, we’ll discuss why peer and self-assessment is an important skill for language learners to have and why peer and self-assessment tend to fail.

We’ll then look at how we as teachers can get our own students to reflect and review their own work, rather than depend only on us for feedback.

In the last part of the workshop, you’ll look at different language activities and design your own rubrics for feedback. At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with some practical ideas on how to implement self- and peer assessment activities and how to write rubrics that encourage learners to reflect on their work.

Speaker bio:

Khan-Duc holds an MA in TESOL and has been an ESL teacher since 1995. She currently teaches a range of language courses  (always encouraging learner autonomy and creativity) at the University of Siegen. Besides, she’s Events Coordinator for Elta-Rhine and TESOL ‘Teacher of the year 2021’.

When: Saturday 17 September 2021 from 10 am to 1 pm
Where: Online
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