Online Workshop – 13 February 2021 – “How to Learn from Communicative Activities” with Jeremy Harmer

The excitement generated by the arrival of the Communicative Approach all those years ago included attention to activities in which students had a communicative purpose, focused on content rather than language form, and encouraged students to use all and any language at their disposal. But how useful are such activities in reality? Do they genuinely help students to ‘get’ new language items or even practise previously encountered grammar and lexis? In this talk we will revisit the concept of communicative activities and try to see how to re-fashion them so that they are communicative learning activities.

Speaker bio: Jeremy Harmer is an ELT teacher, trainer, and author. With books such as The Practice of English Language Teaching, Essential Teacher Knowledge, How to teach English, courseboooks and supplementary materials he is in demand as a conference speaker around the world. Away from ELT he is a practising musician and singer songwriter.

***Please note, this workshop will take place just before ELTABB’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). All are welcome to attend the workshop. ELTABB members may then stay for the AGM.***

When: Saturday 13 February 2021 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am
Where: Online
Registration – ELTABB members: Please register on the Ning
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