Kit Flemons

After doing various jobs in IT, Music and Design, in 2017 I decided I wanted to move to Berlin. I turned my love for English into a career, getting my Trinity CertTESOL qualification that summer and, after gaining some experience in the UK, set sail for the mainland!

Since then I have worked in a number of schools in Berlin, including Die Neue Schule, Nativa Akademie and The English School and also taught private lessons. I am also now the blog editor of ELTABB, and the journal co-editor – I’m very excited to be giving back to this excellent organisation!

I have taught all ages – some days my students need English to discuss toy dinosaurs, some days my students are learning how to improve their presentation skills. No matter how old they are, however, all students share the same ultimate goal – successful communication.

I cater my lessons to the needs of the student/class, taking an interest in their interests so that lessons are personalised and targeted – whatever you want English for, I will help you learn it in a relaxed, engaging and fun atmosphere.

Ich spreche gut Deutsch, weil ich seit Jahren Deutschschüler bin. Meine Erfahrungen von der anderen Seite des Tisches aus, helfen mir heute, meine Schüler:innen zu verstehen!

For more information, just get in touch at or on +49 (0)177 239 0838.