In-Person Staff Room Event, 10 September 2022 – “Focusing on the Positives: My Reflection on Giving Positive Feedback to Language Students and Clients” with PJ Ryan – followed by ELTABB Get Together!

Dear ELTABBers,

We are happy to present our first staff room/get together event this year! This time, ELTABB’s PJ Ryan is spilling the tea on how to motivate your students with positive feedback – the things he learned the hard way, the amazing impact it can have on your learners, as well as the dos and don’ts.

The mini workshop will be followed by an informal get together with drinks and snacks, so you can meet and talk to your colleagues in a relaxed setting.

Please RSVP and we will book a well-ventilated room that fits the group size.

See you soon!

Event Description

Giving feedback in a lesson can be a great moment for you and the students. It is a time when learning and progress can be very tangible for you both. In my early beginnings as a teacher, I was often told to focus on the mistakes that students make. This is what students expect. But, this is only one way they think they can grow. Can we do more? Absolutely. In this session, we will discuss and do a deep dive into corrective feedback – what works for you and what needs to be tweaked – and I will show you how to give much more to your students and clients during your feedback stage to enable them to think positively about their language development and to maintain motivation going forwards.

Time: September 10, 2022 from 10am to 12:30pm

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