Halyna Khinchuk

I’m a freelance English teacher based in Berlin. Having graduated with a BA and a Specialist Diploma in English Language and Literature, I developed passion for teaching English and worked as a freelance English teacher, as an interpreter and a call center assistant. I got a Master’s degree in Project management in 2008. Although I haven’t worked as a project manager, I applied the knowledge in management to my daily life and of course my teaching.

Having moved to Berlin in 2014, I realized that I needed to readjust my teaching approach and ‘update’ my teaching tools, that’s why I did a CELTA course in October 2016 and joined ELTABB in January 2017. It’s been a wonderful experience of professional development, teachers’ cooperation and support.

I teach General English and Business English to individuals and small groups. I strive to make my classes creative, personalized and innovative. Being a non-native English speaker has helped me to emphasize with the difficulties learners encounter and share my learning experience (of various foreign languages – English, French and German). I am currently exploring the world of online teaching, and teaching English as a Lingua Franca.

You can contact me at kh.galina@gmail.com or view my Xing profile https://www.xing.com/profile/Halyna_Khinchuk