English for Academic Purposes One-Day Conference 15th June 9am-5pm

“Whose English? Justice, Equity, Diversion and Inclusion (JEDI) in English Language Teaching (ELT)” 

Entrance free but pre-registration required

Location: Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, Schöneberg Campus, Badensche Str. 50-51


Outline of day:

·        Opening and plenary

·        3-4 Parallel sessions (talks and workshops) in our three strands : Varieties of English, Inclusion, Assessment

·        Closing discussion

·        Includes coffee breaks (provided) and lunch break


Registration is required. Deadline to register: 09.06.2024.

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Plenary Speaker:

  • Katie Mansfield: “Incorporating Social Justice in the activity of English for Academic Purposes teaching”

In today’s higher educational environment, there’s a growing expectation for constructive and transformative engagement with the broader world.  This stems from the intrinsic interrelation between education and society, where achieving social justice is a fundamental purpose (McArthur, 2010).  English for Academic Purposes (EAP) faces a similar demand, requiring the integration of social justice principles into curricula, materials, and epistemology (Breen & Le Roux, 2024).  While progress is evident, efforts often occur disparately rather than cohesively, prompting the need to consolidate these principles into a unified framework.


Recognising this need, a group of EAP practitioners embarked on a critical examination of the field, revealing the absence of a comprehensive theoretical framework to guide this integration.  Drawing from extensive research and insights gained through a BALEAP-funded project, this presentation introduces a framework aimed at incorporating social justice awareness into EAP teaching materials.  Attendees will witness the application of these principles through a specially crafted 10-week course for Pre-sessional students, designed to foster the awareness of social justice within an EAP context.  Samples of materials developed for this course will be shared, providing participants with tangible examples of this framework’s implementation.



If you have any questions,please reach out to wiktoria.allan@hwr-berlin.de.