ELTABB online workshop “10 ways to maximise your impact on LinkedIn (not just “I’m delighted to announce…..) November 25th 2023

LinkedIn has come a long way since its early days of being basically a glorified CV. It’s now one of the fastest growing social media platforms,  and has the advantage of being (mostly) professionally focused with very few cat pictures. As a way of connecting with like-minded professionals and potential clients, staying informed about industry trends, and getting training and support, it’s an incredible resource. However, it is still massively under-utilised by most of the ELT professionals I talk to. In this workshop, I’m going to help you get to know LinkedIn- and maybe get to love it as much as I do. I’ll help you discover some little-known features, walk you through creating a stand out profile, and devising your own personal LinkedIn strategy going forward, whether you’re a freelancer with your own business, or employed by a company or institution.

Rachel Roberts is a qualified coach, with 30 years of ELT industry experience,  including 15 years as a thriving small business owner. She is on a mission to help ELT freelancers break free from being underpaid, undervalued and scraping by. I want to really challenge the low expectations, and culture of ‘having to’ accept poor conditions and teach ELT freelancers the steps they can take to build sustainable, fulfilling businesses.

Date and Time:  November 25th 10am-12pm

Location:  Zoom


Members of other ELTAs: Please email events@eltabb.com and state which ELTA you belong to.