ELTABB and GEW Berlin joint workshop on Freelancer and Teacher Rights

Thursday March 8th, 18:00 to 20:00

GEW Berlin, Ahornstraße 5, 10787 Berlin

What rights do we have as employed or freelance teachers? Where can we get support to claim and enforce these rights? What can we do if you are denied these rights or have legal problems related to our employment/freelance contracts? How can we network to collectively fight for our rights?

We will begin by mapping (literally) our respective teaching situations in Berlin and Brandenburg. After this there will be a short presentation and question and answer session on teacher rights. Questions can be posted on the ELTABB Ning or sent by e-mail to David (david.bowskill@spz.hu-berlin.de) and Paul Walsh in advance of the event. They can also be posed during the workshop. Finally we will discuss how we could improve our situations though joining and becoming active in networks and organisations such as TaWSig and the GEW.

Bio: David Bowskill (Member of ELTABB and GEW Berlin, Lector in EAP at Language Centre and Chair of Central Staff Council at Humboldt University Berlin).

Entry is free for ELTABB members or €10 for non-members