Workshop – 31 August 2019 – “Using podcasts with advanced learners: murder, mayhem and education” with Jennie Wright

Podcasts are having a revolution with Serial – the story of murder and injustice – becoming the most downloaded podcast ever. They give us access to free, authentic resources to design stimulating tasks and develop our learners’ taste for authentic listening. In this workshop, I’ll share my materials and ‘killer’ project ideas.

We will begin by experimenting with a series listening tasks which can be taken from the workshop and used within your own classrooms with very little preparation or additional materials. These tasks will focus on different features of language learning: pronunciation, vocabulary, intercultural elements, and skill development for autonomous listening.

By the end of the workshop, we will have covered numerous ways to use podcasts with your learners, including how you can use them both for isolated single classes and long-term projects. Before you go, I’ll also cover key tips for creating successful podcast tasks and provide a selection of free podcasts for those wanting to develop their learners’ authentic and autonomous listening skills. 

Jennie Wright is a teacher, teacher-trainer, blogger and ELT author based in Germany. With over 20 years of experience in language teaching, her blog features free professional development resources for teachers. She also co-authored Experimental Practice in ELT: Walk on the wild side which is published by

Date & Time: August 31, 2019 from 10am to 1:30pm
 Berlin School of English, Charlottenstraße 81
Cost: Free for ELTABB member / €10 for non-members
To register:
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