Marc Abernathy


Researcher, research assistant, historian, writer, author, editor, teacher, and manager. Over the past 20 years, I have
worked in one or a combination of these roles. First as a historian, studying, researching, and writing about the American Civil Rights Movement with Professor Leon Litwack at UC Berkeley; next, as a research assistant for a book project with author and political talk-show host Chris Matthews; after that, as an editor, manager, and regulatory specialist for a medical ethics review board in Seattle. Finally, as a freelance teacher, trainer, writer, and editor, I train clients and students in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, presentations, and business communication; and edit manuscripts submitted to top academic journals to improve structure, cohesion, and concision. Most recently, I wrote a six-chapter, 180-page textbook and online learning module. I love working with challenging and rewarding clients to use my skills and experiences in meaningful and valuable ways.