The English Language Teachers' Association Berlin-Brandenburg e.V is a regional professional association for teachers of English working in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. The goal of ELTABB is to offer professional development to English language teachers. This includes:

  • facilitating and encouraging networking opportunities between teachers in Berlin
  • promoting contact and exchange with other ELTAs
  • offering lectures and workshops on English teaching and linguistic research as well as the business skills required as a professional language teacher

The association was established in 1993 and formally registered as an association (e.V.) in early 1994. Membership has since grown to around 200 consisting of native and non-native speakers from all over the world. Members include freelance teachers working for companies and language schools, state school teachers and university lecturers, entrepreneurs who run schools and agencies, management consultants and published authors.

ELTABB is an associate member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) based in the UK.

In accordance with European Union law and Article 21 of the Charter for Fundamental Rights of the EU, ELTABB does not accept job postings which expressly seek English “native speakers.” We believe in creating a non-discriminatory working environment in ELT. Labels such as "native speaker" minimize "the formal education, linguistic expertise, teaching experience, and professional preparation of teachers" (TESOL). As an alternative to "native speaker" we suggest "highly proficient speaker" or a clause such as the following, recommended by TESOL: "An assessment of the candidate's English language proficiency may be required as part of the hiring process."

ELTABB Board 2016

Chair (signing officer) - Sherri Williams - [thechair (at)]

Vice Chair (signing officer) - Sabrina Bechler -  [vicechair (at)]

Events Coordinator - Mandy Welfare - [events (at)]

Treasurer (signing officer) - Chris Chandler - [treasurer (at)]

Communications Coordinator - Matt Hanley - [info (at)]

Board Secretary (signing officer) - Barbara Goulet -  [secretary (at)]


Additional (non-board) roles

Outgoing Chair - Dale Coulter

Membership Coordinator - Barbara Goulet

Web Admin - Andrew Dumbrill - [admin (at)]

Assistant Treasurer - Jason Zuzak

Events Team - Vicky Parysek, Katerina Lanickova