Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Breanna Leigh

10th October 2017

Contact: email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ What was the subject of your Masters thesis and why did you choose it? The title of my thesis is “Language Use of International Adoptive Families in Taiwan” which is a qualitative study analysing the language use of Taiwanese/Chinese children adopted by native English-speaking parents from the U.S. and Canada. Unlike other studies I had read where the analysis focused on the internationally adopted children moving to the home country of the… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Sabrina Bechler

8th September 2017

What was the subject of your doctoral thesis and why did you choose it? I was among the first students who studied European Bilingual Education at the University of Education in Karlsruhe. By that time, I wanted to become a primary school teacher. I chose the programme because meant I wouldn’t only learn how to teach English, but also how to teach Geography in English. Although it was already mentioned in the curriculum that teachers should use Content and Language… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Robert Kirstein

16th August 2017

Website: email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ How and why did you get into teaching? Funnily enough, I’d never wanted to be a teacher as I come from a family of teachers. That’s why I I chose to do a Master’s degree at Potsdam University majoring in English linguistics, choosing Political Science and Political Economy as minor subjects. My idea back then was to go into journalism. Well, that failed for a number of reasons but mainly because I… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Mike Budden

9th July 2017

Job: English trainerWebsite: LinkedIn What is your role within Eltabb? Since the start of 2017, I’ve been getting more and more involved with the organisation of events. This means meeting other workshop participants, speakers and promoting a supportive and collective environment within the ELT community. Since joining, I had been increasingly present and active as a question-asker at the ELTABB workshops so it was a logical step for me to join the events team. How have you benefitted from being… Read more

Workshop review: Teaching Lexically by Hugh Dellar

5th July 2017

By Mike Budden To begin with, at this workshop Hugh presented some common ideas and beliefs about grammar to get us thinking about how much we believe language learning is grammar + words and if there are perhaps pitfalls in this way of thinking. He showed us that coursebooks often provide dry examples of grammar, which can be quite far removed from actual realistic language use. (Do we ever sit peering into a building commenting on what people in various… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Katerina Lanickova

2nd June 2017

Job: English language teacherWebsite: You have been involved with Eltabb on the events team for over 3 years. Why did you get involved and what have you enjoyed about volunteering? First of all, thanks to Yasin for nominating me. What an honour! To your question, I had just joined ELTABB then and I immediately liked the atmosphere of this community. So, when I was approached at the AGM shadowing the Events coordinator it felt like the perfect way of… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Yasin Khan

1st May 2017

You recently moved to Berlin; how did you find out about Eltabb and why did you join? I found out about Eltabb through my first employer, All on Board Language School. I think Eltabb is a great organisation through which I can meet other English teachers in the Berlin area, through either social or professional development events. What are the main differences to teaching English and German in your experience? Well, they are both languages so teaching them essentially isn't… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Theresa Gorman

8th April 2017 12665439 How/Why did you get into teaching? I admit I am one of those people who got into ELT partly out of a desire to live and work in foreign countries and (try to) learn foreign languages. The thing I wanted most after college was to travel, but I couldn’t because of my student debt. So I did volunteer ESL teaching at a local literacy center and loved it. Then finally with loans paid off, I did my CertTESOL… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Tihana Romanic

18th February 2017

What are a few of the ways you bring creativity into your work? I think human beings are creative beings and I like bringing creativity into all aspects of my life. One way to do that is to know the rules and then break them. Deconstructing, daring, experimenting. Another way is to use a multidisciplinary approach. Mixing things up. And allowing yourself to be a child and to play. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing ELT professionals… Read more

Workshop review: ELTABB Migration Matters

30th January 2017

By Annie Heringer When I arrived at the Migration Matters Workshop, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I teach English in Berlin and my students are German or have lived in Germany for years. What would I learn today that would inform my teaching? It was curiosity that drove me out of the snow and into the cozy wine shop where the workshop was being held. By the time we went around and introduced ourselves, I realized that the… Read more