Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Theresa Gorman

8th April 2017 12665439 How/Why did you get into teaching? I admit I am one of those people who got into ELT partly out of a desire to live and work in foreign countries and (try to) learn foreign languages. The thing I wanted most after college was to travel, but I couldn’t because of my student debt. So I did volunteer ESL teaching at a local literacy center and loved it. Then finally with loans paid off, I did my CertTESOL… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Tihana Romanic

18th February 2017

What are a few of the ways you bring creativity into your work? I think human beings are creative beings and I like bringing creativity into all aspects of my life. One way to do that is to know the rules and then break them. Deconstructing, daring, experimenting. Another way is to use a multidisciplinary approach. Mixing things up. And allowing yourself to be a child and to play. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing ELT professionals… Read more

Workshop review: ELTABB Migration Matters

30th January 2017

By Annie Heringer When I arrived at the Migration Matters Workshop, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I teach English in Berlin and my students are German or have lived in Germany for years. What would I learn today that would inform my teaching? It was curiosity that drove me out of the snow and into the cozy wine shop where the workshop was being held. By the time we went around and introduced ourselves, I realized that the… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Justin Ehresman

2nd January 2017

Name: Justin Ehresman Job title: Managing Director of All on Board What made you decide to set up your own language school? I actually never wanted to set up my own school. I was in a relationship with a banker and he was impressed by the fact that I was so booked (teaching 50 units a week) that he was sure we could build on that and open a school together. Only after taking part in a business plan competition,… Read more

Interview with ELTABBer of the month: Christopher Chandler

30th November 2016

Name: Christopher Chandler Birth country: UK Job title: Business English Trainer at Have you ever worked in a different field? I’ve done all sorts of things in the UK. I’ve worked as a Client Project Manager (as part of a team) building a hospital in South Wales, bid for and utilised European funding to restore two dilapidated listed buildings, run grants programmes, worked in Community Development, worked in Field Marketing visiting supermarkets across London and the South of England…lots… Read more

Workshop review: Easy, no-material activities for Business English by Paul Walsh

By Hazel Marogna Creativity, that mysterious thing, can it be learned? Whatever the answer may be, it can certainly be given a helping hand, as Paul set out on Saturday morning to show us. He took us busy English teachers, always grateful for new ideas, on a creative journey, providing us with a loose framework to stimulate and support our own individual creative process and throwing in some practical activities of his own along the way as an extra bonus.… Read more

Five Questions with Paul Walsh

10th November 2016

In the lead up to our next (and last) workshop of 2016, we asked you to send in your questions for the speaker. Berlin local and ELTABB member Paul Walsh is a teacher, Business English trainer, and author of the recent e-book “At Work”. He is also a keen blogger (Decentralised Teaching & Learning). I asked Paul five of your questions (my favourites!) and he obligingly answered them. So, read Paul’s answers to whet your appetite for his upcoming workshop… Read more

The ABCs of Language Testing

16th January 2016

Workshop Review: Theresa Gorman By Rob Nisbet On a chilly Saturday in Wildau, Theresa Gorman led a group of us through the mysteries of the theory and practise of language testing. Theresa began by refreshing and enhancing our understanding of the key factors one must consider when setting a test for any purpose, whether a placement test, progress test or final examination. The theory came from ‘Language Testing in Practice’ (OUP 1996) by Bachman and Palmer – no, not a… Read more

Lego: a training resource for learners of technical English

5th December 2015

Seminar Review: Gabrielle Hirthe By Robert Nisbet I teach quite a few lessons which involve using technical English and talking about spatial relationships, and so the prospect of learning to use Lego as a teaching tool sounded attractive, though I also wondered if this was a bit of a gimmick. Thankfully Gabrielle Hirthe’s workshop quickly dispelled that thought as she explained the approach she has developed through teaching technical English to a number of clients in the design and engineering… Read more

Seminar Review: Nicola Meldrum on the Pedagogy of Presence

7th May 2015

By Ian Perry Nicola Meldrum, course director of Oxford TEFL’s Diploma TESOL course in Barcelona, gave a presentation addressing the importance of the teacher’s presence in the English language classroom. This “pedagogy of presence” focuses on the way teachers engage with their learners and encourage them to engage with each other. Nicola took as her starting point a recent article by James M. Lang in which he argues that teachers can be more present with their learners by becoming more… Read more